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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abisio 9 / 10

A very smart scam movie; tender but full of humor

Aboard a cruise; a group of scammers are trying to make their living on the unsuspecting travelers. The movie is basically the competition between then to catch a big fish; a lottery winner with 161M travelling with his family.

The movie combines a very healthy and classy humor (only one scene indulges with bathroom humor); a lot of smart ideas and unexpected twist. A great homage 1960s picaresque comedies.

Production values are very high for a Spanish production. Perfectly staged action scenes and musical numbers.

Aside from the language; it technically as good as any Hollywood production but with a far better and smart script and without Hollywood cliches. Both male protagonists are criminals; and the movie does not try to moralize them In fact the just perfect final joke at end; defines the moral ground of the story.

None of the above is surprising considering Daniel Monzon curriculum. A director capable of doing excellent thrillers and also comedies.

The only small criticism to YUCATAN; is that some trimming could had benefit it.
Cutting some overacting from Rodrigo de la Serna and perhaps shorter some unnecessary musical numbers or dramatic situations.

In brief; as comedies went in 2018; this is by far the best and classiest

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