When Angels Sleep


Drama / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jordi-bargallo 9 / 10

Whenever you least expect it, your life can be shattered

The boring life of an insurance worker, controlled by his wife and his boss, is turned upside down when he is forced to return home from 300 miles away by car at night, being this the first one of a series of life changing decisions the leads him to a journey into darkness.

This suspense thrilling story is so realistic and credible that will hook you in your seat from the very beginning, as if this could actually be happening to yourself.

Great direction and acting work, with the right light and score gives the script all it needs to create the perfect atmosphere for anxiety and disturbance, which IMHO is a sign of a well done job that ups a notch to the quality of the Spanish film scene.

It wouldn't be so surprising if there's a future interest from Hollywood/Netflix to release an american remake.

Reviewed by hmvi2011 8 / 10

Most wont get it

It s a nietzchean fable about the birth of the hero.Thats why you have the reference to "Thus spake Zarathustra" and German finally abandons his slave/christian morality(the crucifix is the key element here)and embraces that of the "ubermenscht" making up his own rules as he goes with help/complicity of his wife.Kind of too long drawn out but still not an altogether bad movie and quite an excellent philosophical disertation.

Reviewed by Amira-Says 4 / 10

Wouldn't Recommend

It isn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but the characters are written to have the most annoying traits and dialouge imaginable. The girl is so annoying and belligerent that you just wish for him to kill her so she shuts up. I'll give credit for the idea not being repeatedly overdone (In this exact scenario anyway), but I seriously couldn't wait for it to end because of how annoying the characters were. I never expect Netflix originals to be amazing, but this movie was very frustrating to watch. I felt annoyed the entire time. If you do not speak Spanish it is best to watch it with subtitles instead of being dubbed to English. That might have made the characters sound a lot more believable as the dubbing job was very poor.

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