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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raven-1969 10 / 10

Thrilling Father and Daughter Fracas

"You mean everything to me," Mirza tells his teenage daughter Nisha. Apparently "everything" is far less important than what others might say, for Mirza cares deeply about such opinions. When it is discovered that Nisha sneaks out the window at night, adopts Western ways and is not the compliant and traditional Pakistani daughter she appears, Mirza goes ballistic. Nisha is as stubborn as her father though and manages to outsmart him at first, but there is little sympathy from other relatives. They encourage Mirza's firm hand. Nisha's smart phone is chucked into the snow, freedoms are drastically curtailed and Nisha is threatened with a one-way ticket to Islamabad. Sooner or later father or daughter, or both, must break.

I thought I knew where this film was going, but it went deeper than I thought it would and in different directions. The story is fantastic and thrilling; dead ends become glimmers of light (and the other way around), characters are torn apart by the choices they make and there are intriguing glimpses into the Norse and Pakistani ways of life. The director is a natural. She controls mood like a sorceress; sound is contrasted with silence, close-ups reveal the glimmer of flames in the eyes of characters and scenes flow seamlessly into each other. The acting is not flawless, but thoroughly convincing. The ending scene will stay with me, hopefully forever. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by ganjafor420 10 / 10

What a great experience!

Just got home from the theater, and I have to say, this was a truly great film, and quite disturbing at times. I was deeply moved by it, and I think a lot of the people that saw it, were also. The ending is just perfect. It made me really appreciate how safe I feel in my community, and to really feel how much of a difference there is between certain cultures. A must watch in my book! 10/10

Reviewed by SameirAli 9 / 10

The title says it all

In a society like India and Pakistan, the people are more concerned about What Will People Say. Being a social animal, it is obvious that we respect the society. But, living for the society can be nightmare sometimes.

Nisha is a Norwegian teen with Pakistani roots. She is a typical teenager with her friends, but, trying her best to a good Pakistani girl at home. She is trying hard to balance this life. Her father Mirza is very concerned about his family. One night, he finds Nisha with her boy friend in her room. That was more than he could take for the poor father. Nisha tries to explain, but, she was kidnapped to Pakistan. In Pakistan, she is in a completely new environment. she never used to it before. Her resistance fail and she is trying to adopt the situation. But, that also ended wrong.

A very strong and powerful film that shows the bond and tension between a father and daughter relation.

The story was based on the real life experience of the Director. She was once kidnapped to Pakistan. Pakistan portion was shot in India. The Director felt it more safe and the fact that film industry is more developed in India.

A must watch for all film lovers. Do not miss it.

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