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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ionelradio 8 / 10


Nicely shot,lots of action and not the typical Hollywood hero.

Reviewed by gabaod2 4 / 10

ditch the narration

This film gets quite obnoxious with all the narration they do, with some over stylized editing. Id ditch all the narration parts and maybe this film would have some more potential.

Reviewed by jraychretien 2 / 10

Bad, really bad, not the worst but right down at the bottom of the barrel.

If you are old enough to remember when you would rent a really low budget movie by accident but you paid $4.99 so why not watch it but you end up regretting that choice, this is that kind of movie. Some of it is shot well, the Mexican authorities look very professional and shot well. Many of the actors have been in other good films, you would think it was better. Unfortunately, Michael Kingsbaker performance is a hacky, ham-fisted approach to comedy. If the character had been played straighter and not "wacky", it may have been a much better film.

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