Velvet Buzzsaw


Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LoveItIfWeMadeIt 10 / 10

A daring and very original piece of filmmaking.

Here we are with one of the best screeners I've ever gotten and I can't wait to see and hear people talking about Velvet Buzzsaw.

Say what you want, in my opinion Gilroy is right up there with the best currently working directors. He takes chances, is completely fearless, and to me it always worked out so far.

This will be divisive as hell, but rather that than playing it safe, right?
I'll watch this endless amounts of times, just like Roman J. and Nightcrawler, although I think his directional debut is still his best work.

I hope you (yes you!) enjoy it as well and find a lot to think about just like I always do with these thought-provoking and artistically pleasing films.

Reviewed by nickdinicola 8 / 10


Netflix finally made a great movie with great actors and did not waste their talent. Jake Gyllenhaal was great same with Billy Magnuessen.

Reviewed by Spookylicious 8 / 10

If you hurt art, art will hurt you back.

I dived in with an open and curious mind and I've been entertained and had a good time.

It's an eerie story regarding some art pieces that shouldn't have been taken.
Whose the perfect victim for a cursed object that kills whoever profits by greed from it?
Greedy profesionals from the "chic" art-gallery bussiness.

An artist pours their experience, soul, emotions and illusion into a piece, and when all that is just treated for the "chic" and "popular" value and exploited, without any apreciation on all that's behind, something's wrong.

We see that in different moments from artists that suffer the consequences of these greedy profesionals that don't care about the artist, just about that sweet dolla, and their own reputation and ego.

In a world driven by this kind of behaviour. It's the own art's responsability to put an end to them.

I can clearly see the message Dan Gilroy was transmitting and I loved it and applaud him for it as an artist myself. Thank you.

PD: I read some people saying that the characters don't feel true. And oh my sweet summer children, stay in that place of ignorance, because those kind of people really exist in the "chic" art-exhibit and fashion world. And they are as obnoxious (OR EVEN MORE) as the ones portrayed so well by this great cast of actors.

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