Two Girls and a Guy


Comedy / Drama


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gerry-12 9 / 10

Much deeper than it seems at first sight.

I think all the performances were very good, although Downey's overshadows his two fellow actors. As I watched, I laughed a lot. When it ended my first impression was that it is a very clever lightweight comedy. Since then, the film has made me think fairly deeply, a rare effect indeed from any film.

To date it poses two questions to me:

1-can a man/woman love two people at once (or is s/he a simple philanderer)?

2-is fidelity possible or desirable in the milieu of this film?

A last question is whether self-destructiveness is inseparable from the talent of actors like Downey and Robin Williams and others?

I have revised my first assessment of the film upward.

Reviewed by LisaMJ 9 / 10

Underrated, sadly so

i admit my love for this film is twofold--the setting (my City, Soho loft vibe!) and of course Robert himself. he is sexy, period. he is talented beyond what the public at large has realized. this was shown in his fabulous singing in this film. who knew he could sing? and don't start me on his acting--he is fantastic. this script is brilliant, tantalizing, intelligent, refreshing yet also so real that it's kinda eerie, but in a good way. so he's caught playing boytoy to 2 different girls. the girls could hit him, be stupid, and ruin the film but instead it gets heady, dare i say cerebral? and unlike most stuff out now that feels it must include a "dyke" subplot to be "hip", it doesn't "go there" but rather focuses on the dysfunction of this man and the 2 lovers he's been simultaneously f-ing. the staging is perfectly set--a tight, confining setting of a loft. perfect. and the lighting is great, a light you'll only find in Soho. just amazing. all the actors give perfect performances. every nuance is right, every word is felt, believed. it's simply divine.

Reviewed by havana-2 9 / 10

Downey Jr. is what Brando intended on being in Last Tango

Toback's backbone of a script is great- it sets up the finest young actor of my generation (debatable- but worth saying) Downey Jr. is masterful in adlibbing and improvising. He accomplishes what Brando failed to do in Last Tango in Paris. Downey is real. His problems, his inner angst, his troubles all surface. This is like being with him. His magic and charm are entrancing and enchanting. Pretty cool. Worth a watch late at night- intense though.

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