The Way of War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martin-1921 10 / 10

Possibly the greatest movie about 9/11 your ever gonna see

Possibly the greatest movie about 9/11 your ever gonna see. Cuba Gooding Jnr Oscar material. The best acting I have seen for ages. You may need to watch it twice...maybe three...just keep watching. I have never been so confused...mind boggled...intrigued...completely and fully satisfied, since Warren Beatty in the Parralax View , Dustin and Redford in All the Presidents Men the spirit Pakulla lives on in this Tremendous Brilliant movie. This movie is what makes independent cinema what it is...Maverik. Cuba Gooding Jnr takes a drive with Libyan Taxi Driver Samir to the prophetic sounds of Marvin Gayes classic intercity blues. This movie and the coming of Obama to the Whitehouse is I think a prelude to the impending truth that will be a true 9/11 enquiry.

Reviewed by jasonblackmore 6 / 10

Good But Should've Been Great

I saw this film a few days ago and found it totally mesmerising without quite knowing why.

The pace is remarkably slow (in a good way) for such a short film making it seem longer than its 80 minutes, and the content is subtly tense and brooding with occasional injections of taught action.

What I found disappointing was just how difficult it was to pin down what was motivating most of the characters and what they were actually doing. Timeline jumps were unhelpful and unnecessary as well.

There's a real bombshell dropped at the end which explains a lot, but I didn't see that as justification enough for spending most of the film wondering what the hell was going on.

Overall though I'd say this was a good, absorbing watch, but would've benefited greatly from more plot development and a lot more clarity.

Reviewed by FFAxDAVID 3 / 10


Saw an early version of this and must admit was pretty boring. I had high hopes from trailers and Cuba being in the lead role, but after 40 mins of almost walking out on it i managed to stick it to the end,then wish i had followed my instincts and actually had walked out on it when it finally had ended.

The acting is OK,the plot had potential, but the end result was just a tedious waste of space that i cannot really recommend even to die hard fans of Cuba Gooding Jr.

I would like to say that with a few tweaks in the plot it still maybe watchable, but it needs a major plot change to even be that good, so am not hopeful at all and have given it a generous rating of 3

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