The Sea Chase


Action / Drama / War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Burch-3 10 / 10

Very good

It is refreshing to see a movie where the "other" side is treated as human. The story is based on fact. I am not surethat the real Capt. Ehrlich was anti-nazi, but he was a WWI kriegsmarine hero. Anyway Waynes accent not withstanding the movie is entertaining and well worth seeing.

Reviewed by ejgreen77 9 / 10

"Auf Wiedersehen, Sidney"

No, John Wayne and his crew don't speak German, but what do you expect of a film from this era? In Ben-Hur the Romans speak with British accents and the Jews speak with American accents. The same line of reasoning applies here. The English have British accents and the Germans have American accents. Accept it and move on. Once one can get past the accent issue, this is really quite a good film. All of the credit in the world goes to John Wayne for making this film. Made in the mid-50's, just ten years after the end of World War II, I would imagine it was not very popular subject matter at the time. It is one of the few Hollywood films to try to show the Second World War from the German point of view. Karl Ehrlich (Wayne) is a man torn between his love for his country and his personal hatred for the ideals of Hitler. He is an officer of the old school Prussian monarchy still loyal to the Kaiser who does not like the new regime. As Jeff Napier (David Farrar) notices, he flies the swastika outside on his ship but still has the old imperial battle flag hanging in his cabin. He must decide whether to allow his ship to be taken or defy the entire British Navy and try to bring the Ergenstrasse back safely to the Fatherland. The flag he flies during the final battle is a telling sign of where his loyalty lies and (in my opinion) is Ehrlich's explanation for his actions. An interesting, intriguing, and thought-provoking war film.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10

As a naval melodrama, the film is good entertainment!

The film's plot, as the titles points out, used one of the most powerful standby of a motion picture medium - the chase...

Wayne plays an anti-Nazi German sea captain, opposed to the new regime, but as a loyal citizen he feels he must save his ship from destruction...

At the outbreak of World War II, just before news reaches Australia that the Nazi armies have moved into Poland, Wayne slips his steamer ? a rusty old 5,000-ton freighter named the Ergenstrasse - out of Sydney harbor back to Valparaiso... To his bad luck, a British warship (The H.M.S. Rockhampton) sails in his pursuit...

From that foggy night, it takes all of Wayne's ability to keep the ship from falling into the hands of the British... Adding to his problems are both the Ergenstrasse's shortage of fuel and provisions, and the presence of a mysterious lady, a beautiful German spy (Lana Turner) with an unseemly past who had been forced to take along by official orders...

With a look suggesting intimacy, wearing a terrific white gown and a mink coat to lie back upon, and holding an elegant cigarette case and displaying a bracelet of diamonds, this consummate blonde, was once Wayne's mistress, and is now engaged to David Farrar, who just happens to be in command of the pursuing Rockhampton...

While the Ergenstrasse is being amply provisioned in Auckland island, Lyle Bettger, its ruthless chief officer, callously murders a group of shipwrecked fishermen, thereby causing dishonor on Wayne and his crew...

Eventually, the ship arrives at Pom Pom Galli (an island in the South Pacific Ocean) where is completely refueled, and sets sail for home... But the commander of Rockhampton, still in pursuit, learns of the massacred fishermen and determines, more than ever, to sink the German freighter...

In addition to its bizarre ending that left much to be desired, the film offers a storm at sea, an attack by sharks, a suicide and a near mutiny...

Wayne plays the courageous captain in his mild resolute way... Lana's performance is on a par with Wayne, handling the part with facile authority...

As a naval melodrama 'The Sea Chase' is good entertainment...

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