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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hawbash_Movie 10 / 10

The Best Spanish Political Movie

This is the best Spanish political movie i've ever seen , The Story , The Casts , The Cinematography , The Direction , The Great Antonio De La Torre , All of them , was PHENOMENOUS

Reviewed by dani-localisation 9 / 10

Great script, brilliant directing and some really outstanding performances

This is without a doubt the best Spanish movie I have seen in years (and I'm Spanish). It depicts the politician corruption in an excellent way. For me, the script was really really good, the directing was 100% on point and the performances were amazing. There is an actor called Luis Zahera who I didn't even know and it gives the most credible performance in the movie (as Cabrera). He is soooooooo good. The scene at the balcony should grant him all the awards he can get in his category this year. You cannot go better than that. Impossible. Definitely a must-watch film. Go to the theater and support the crew. This is as cinema at its best.

Reviewed by jctoledano 9 / 10

A necessary and sad truth that must be told

Saw this at Recent Spanish Cinema Miami '18 and it was a pleasant surprise.

Even though I did not expect a great film and I found it impossible to relate to a protagonist who is a corrupt politician, the pace changes slowly but steadily as it takes you to a well-achieved climax - the last half hour has to be among the best I've seen lately.

The film portrays the political corruption of Spain in an impeccable and sadly all too truthful way, while at the same time masterfully avoiding ideologies or similarities with concrete people (surely to avoid lawsuits too). It is never specified whether the political party depicted is right or left wing. What is made clear though, is that this applies to any (or most) politicians in power ('power corrupts').

It is groundbreaking for a Spanish film to show how this high-spheres corruption works, as citizens are mocked and abused by politicians. I wish many people will see this film so as to promote greater transparency in Spanish politics.

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