The House That Jack Built


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hulot83 10 / 10

The greatest serial killer movie ever made

Lars von Trier's "The House That Jack Built" is, in form and structure, very similar to "Nymphomaniac" but takes this new form of cinema to another level; it tells, on one hand, the story of (some of) the murders commited by a brilliant serial killer; on the other hand, the dramatic narrative is again and again mixed with essayistic undertakings, dealing with topics such as hunting, concentration camps, Albert Speer and Goethe. Thirdly, the film also presents itself as a metaphysical, Dantesque portrayal of the main protagonist's inner workings. The way this is done proves that Lars von Trier is the most original thinker in cinema today. This film is a masterpiece. Matt Dillon gives the performance of his career and should be awarded an Academy Award.

Reviewed by ethancarmanmoore 9 / 10

The House That Jack Built (2018) Review

I just saw Lars Von Trier's new film 'The House That Jack Built' at the Atlantic Film Festival. I'm not extremely familiar with Trier's other work (I love Antichrist and Dancer in the dark is one of the most depressing films I've ever seen), but I've still been looking forward to this one since its premiere at Cannes. The subject matter peaked my interest and the trailer looked great. The early reviews got me even more invested as everyone was saying it was Trier's most disturbing and violent film yet.

'The House That Jack Built' was fairly brutal, yet oddly comical (if you can look past the disturbing material) and widely entertaining. I was not expecting it to be as funny as it was considering all of the 'hype' around the film's dark brutality since its screening at Cannes. Having said that there are some extremely gruesome and disturbing scenes which are effective in what they set out to do.

The film is divided into 5 sections plus an epilogue. A strange structure but ultimately I think that it benefited the film as we see a slight progression of Jack's character throughout. Though it can feel a bit repetitive at points, it never gets boring and is continuously engaging. Matt Dillon was excellent as the truly psychopathic serial killer Jack. It was honestly probably the best role I've seen him in (seriously, he should be in more movies).

There are many philosophical discussions about the nature of art throughout the film. This can either come off as super pretentious or can actually add to the film. I thought it worked fine in the context of the film as it relates very much to the character of Jack and how he views himself and his, so to say, 'art'

The film portrays the violence in a fairly realistic manner and does not hold back. At all. Seriously, the movie is not for the faint of heart. But it never came across as gratuitous or 'edgy'. It felt like Trier was just showing us what these scenarios would look like if a serial killer viewed his killings as art.

If you're a fan of Trier's work then definitely try and see this one. Even if you're just a fan of disturbing art-films, check it out. It has a screening at VIFF in October but other than that I have no idea where you can see it. Surprisingly, the Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, Nova Scotia) had a one-night screening for the film. Either way, try and see it if it looks interesting to you. I highly recommend it. 9/10.

Reviewed by EvaJK94 2 / 10

Do people actually enjoy this type of illogical, gory and meaningless stuff?

To be fair this type of movies in not my style and it's the first Lars von Trier movie I've seen but I consider myself openminded and always watch different stuff. Positives: There's some good humor and some funny moments at times. Matt Dillon is excellent as a serial killer.

Now let's talk about the real negatives.
Constant shaking camera made me dizzy.Lack of a decent storytelling and character background. Who is Jack? Why is he like that? What triggered his first killing? I'm sure he met annoying people before. Where does he live and where does he kill? Why is there no one close around him noticing his behavior? Writting a story about a serial killer (which is already such a cliche) with no real background or other people perspectives and showing only the killings and nothing else. Anyone could do that I consider that easy, sloppy writting.No logic in the story. No victim ever reacts at any way even though they could. They are portrayed ridiculously stupid and easy to kill. His murders are so sloppy and blatant that the fact that no one ever suspects anything or he never get's into trouble is beyond furstrating. I can see that he is the one narrating the story so he could be narrating what he wants but I don't think that's what the writter intended.No meaning at the end which is borderline laughable. It's like the director tried to give such a deep meaning to all this that no one could see it. Seriously the endind was quite ridiculous and didn't make any sense.

In conclusion, you watch a movie for the art and for the entertainment. Art? Do people seriously consider this art? Provoking with pure disturbing gory stuff? Throwing in some generic philosophical speeches and metaphors that most in the end don't really make sense makes something artistic? On the other hand when it comes to entertainment I know that that's up to personal preference. To me that's not entertainment (hence the 2/10). I honestly don't get how someone wakes up and says I'm gonna make a movie like this just for the sake of provoking, pretending there is a deeper meaning when there's absolutely none just to present myself as highly artistic and groundbreaking.

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