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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnlevitt85 10 / 10

My girlfriend and I loved it!

First of Maya (Tessie Santiago) is really hot, and her being in it alone is reason enough for getting this movie. I first watched her in "Curb your Enthusiasm" and have been a fan ever since. My girlfriend however thought that Frank Whaley was a great "bad guy" and truly gave her the creeps! The two of us may disagree on who we liked most in the film but the great stunts, especially the helicopter scene, is what made this movie a must see!

To the person who gave this movie a bad review, I recommend seeing it again. I would have to agree with the other people who reviewed this movie,and enjoyed it.

Reviewed by mizzyplummer 10 / 10

Frank Whaley is creepy!!

I don't know what gent310 is talking about. I thought this movie was fantastic! I especially thought Frank Whaley was great. He plays the killer and a really creepy one at that! I've seen him in lots of other stuff, but I've never seen him play such an evil and disturbed character before. I had nightmares! I really like the Sheriff too (Chris Bruno). I used to watch the Dead Zone that he was on, and I think he's even better in this than he was on that show. Plus he's really cute! Of course, if you're expecting a HUGE budget eye candy movie like the first one was (I think that's what gent 310 was looking for) then you might be disappointed. But if you want a really good crime thriller with a great story and acting, then you'll be very pleased!

Reviewed by AllenJones66 9 / 10


Just watched this one and thought it was great! Its a very different movie than the first Cell, so if you're expecting to see the same move again (like some of the reviews I read here) then you might be disappointed. If you're looking for a great, straightforward crime thriller then you will be very pleased! I haven't really seen Tessie Santiago in anything else, but she's great in this. Really hot too! Frank Whaley has been in tons of movies and does a great job here playing a really creepy serial killer. The car chase and helicopter stunts are awesome too! I saw a trailer for the film after seeing the actual movie, and the trailer is terrible and doesn't do the film any justice. It's definitely worth checking out!!

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