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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rosadorico 10 / 10

One of Robert Rodriguez's Best

Dude Delaney (David Arquette) is seen as the town "lost cause". At least to his girlfriend Donna's (Salma Hayek) parents, and the town sheriff (masterfully played by William Sadler). But it doesn't matter to Dude since he won't run like his father did, years ago. So the sheriff sets his son, Teddy Leather(Jason Wiles) to finish Dude off, once and for all. Luckily Dude has some plans of his own. It comes down to timing, as Dude is in a race to make his dream of being in a rock band, even all scores, make his girl happy, and keep from becoming a grease stain. Originally released on Showtime's short-lived series, Rebel Highway. It was BY FAR the best of the show, and (in my opinion) one of the best film's to date. It contains everything a movie should. It has love, humor, violence, revenge, fast cars, and great music. Not to mention a cast that fits their roles perfectly. A definite must see for ANYONE who is lucky to track down a copy.

Reviewed by Aridriel 10 / 10

The coolest Dude

Nothing even comes close to this masterpiece. No wonder Tarantino's favorite director is Robert Rodriguez. The cars, the grease, the music, the Dude, Salma Hayek, the ambience, the...the...the...I'm speechless

Reviewed by Soul Man 9 / 10

boy meets girl

Roadracers is one of those brilliant films that hardly anybody knows about. It was made for TV, but don't let that scare you away. Rodriguez once again proves what a genius he really is. The music, the everything... there is no redundancy in this film, every but of dialogue is carefully plotted out. Scenes like the grease on the rollerskating rink should have gone down in histpory with classics like "frankly my dear, i dont give a damn" or the Graduate's leg-angle. Notice the names: Dude and Donna (= boy and girl). The film was most definately inspired by Copela's Ruble Fish. Please, if you haven't yet, see this masterpiece, it's definately worth your while.

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