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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bad_badger 6 / 10

Decent horror romp hamstrung by budget limitations

I saw this at FrightFest in London and was engaged right up to the final reel where things came a bit unglued.

The film deals with an estranged daughter coming home to visit her father and step-family at their ancestral manor. A building storm cuts off the power and an aborted party in the hay-barn is moved to the house, where the family discover that something *else* has crept into the house ahead of them.

There follows a horror genre cat-and-mouse chase around the house interior where the group of youths are steadily picked off by the monstrous invader during their efforts to contact the authorities and call for help.

Much of this section of the film is quite tense and well-played and this second reel is where I found most enjoyment. The creature responsible for the mounting chaos is never shown (other than a clever Gollum-style silhouette in one shot) and works for the film rather than against, leaving imagination to fill in the blanks.

Only in the final act of the movie do we learn the origin of the creature (although this particular twist is not difficult to see coming much earlier in the movie) and see it in more detail, which is where things fall down a bit.

When budgets are tight, prosthetics and animatronics typically suffer - the visual effects for the creature are a bit wobbly (which shouldn't really matter that much if the editing is tight or evasive) and although the body count is high and the corpses are suitably eviscerated and mangled (with probably the best effects of the movie) somehow the revelation of the responsible party left me feeling flat. Many of the actual murders also happen off-screen or in cut-away, which was another source of frustration for a horror fan.

Ultimately, this is a decent movie and the second act is where all the tension is rooted, but I found the ending lacking something. At the festival, the director explained they only had something like 18 days to shoot which would certainly impact on the final film.

If you like monster movies and have a free hour and a half, you could do a lot worse than watch 13Hrs.

Reviewed by Boloxxxi 6 / 10

Wild in the night

Good, suspenseful, horror movie with an interesting explanation at the end. I'm feeling mischievously creative today, so instead of giving you a straight forward review I'll clue you in this way: There once was a girl named Gutsy who, after spending some time abroad in the States making her fortune, returns home to England to visit with her family. Her father, Noclue, was outwardly happy to see her. If he resented her going away or not staying in touch very often, he did not show it.

"Where's mum?" asked Gutsy.

"Oh, you know these ambitious business types. Always off doing this thing, and that thing."

"I see," said Gutsy. "What about my brothers?"

"They're out in the barn trying to fix that old jeep."

"You look tired," Gutsy observes. "Why don't you go up and take a nap while I take over a bit and visit with my brothers."

"Excellent idea, dear child!" her father beams. "You'll put those boys on the straight and narrow path to righteousness." Her father takes his leave. His objective: said nap.

Gutsy heads out to the barn. She enters. All her brothers are there. There's Prick, Loyal, Innocent, and Airhead. As well, her best friend, Shallow. Oh yeah, and some guy I don't remember. We can call him Forgettable.

We can see that there's some tension in the air. Faces are smiling but there are undercurrents of hostility in some of the exchanges; snide remarks abound. Apparently there's some resentment over Gutsy having left to better herself and not staying in touch. Perhaps even some jealousy.

"Well, well, well. The prodigal bitch returns," says Prick.

"You shut your mouth," says Loyal.

"I once smoked a joint this big," says Airhead.

"Where's Innocent?" asks Gutsy.

"He's up in the loft taking a nap," one of them says. "Airhead must have given him something." Gutsy goes up and visits with her little brother a bit. She tells him to stay there and finish his nap. She would be back for him. Shortly thereafter, the whole gang (sans Innocent) repairs to the house to have some fun. I'm guessing: booze, drugs, nonsense talk, fondling, etc. Unfortunately these plans are interrupted by something that comes out of the night. Something feral, powerful, and vicious. Will Gutsy and her brothers Prick, Innocent, Loyal, and Airhead survive? Who knows. Love, Boloxxxi.

Reviewed by SuperMah 5 / 10

Good, Bad and Ugly

This movie is not the greatest as you would guess with not a very good cast nor an original story line. To start with the acting. The actors performances were all average apart from Isabella Calthorpe's, her acting was awful. Directing was average, nothing special.

The film starts of with Sarah Tyler coming back to England from the United States after a long time. We find out about each of the characters personalities and their previous relationships before Sarah left for USA.

Then the action starts with the creature appearing and the family trying to survive. Trying alternate solutions to find an escape or protect themselves from the creature.

The ending was surprising. It could have been better. No explanation was given on why such events happened which was frustrating and made things seem pointless and too simple.

Pretty gross scenes with gore. Stupid decisions and bad storyline. Maybe you can have a laugh with friends while watching this but I don't think it's much more than that.

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