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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 3 / 10

1h45 minutes of boredom.

I don't get it why they made it so long. So many scenes that could have been cut out, clearly stretching the time but not in its favor, so why put us though it.

Ok so the movie kinda had a plot really, tried to expand it, show us more, a few characters, some development there also but there was no reason to length it for so long. This would have worked far better for a 80 minutes movie, not even 90, just 80, quick, straight to the point without losing or annoying the viewer. I've seen many horror productions, and plenty of indies, but this one was too much even for me. Close to 2 hours and for what?

So all in all, I would never recommend it, because it never reaches its mark, its just swing and miss after swing and miss. I think it could be called Lady in the Water's little sister really. Just a bunch of nothing.


Reviewed by whitemanfromtowne 0 / 10

Garbage to the 1000th power!

Garbage to the 1000th power, stealing it's premise from the Abysss....crapola!

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