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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cekadah 10 / 10

You know a movie is really good .......

........ when you really feel bad watching it and leaves you wondering how people can live this sort of life.

'Low Down' is so well written and preformed you actually feel you are there with the story before you. This is a very sad and upsetting story of people at the bottom of their lives and how a young girl navigates herself through so much negative influence around her. The story only covers maybe two years of jazz pianist Joe Albany's daughter in her early teens and learning the most harsh facts about her parents. Glenn Close is grand as the grandmother who seems to be the only stabilizing factor in the daughters life.

There are other reviews here that speak far clearer about this movie! The movie is wonderfully made! Even Peter Dinklage has a short role! But please be ready to experience a very sad and dark story.

Reviewed by flikemedia 8 / 10

Best film of 2014

Not really sure how this film has such a mediocre rating on here yet so little reviews. I'm really starting to question the validity of the ratings on this site. Starting to think that monkeys have figured out how to use smartphones and have begun rating movies.

2014 was probably the worst year for movies I've encountered in my 34 years on this planet. I've watched everything that has received acclaim from critics and was left unimpressed with most of what I've watched. A few weeks ago I would have told you that the best film I had seen in 2014 was "A Most Violent Year." That doesn't say much for the quality of films that we've had thrown at us for the past year.

Low Down was a belated entry into my 2014 picks. Actually, watched it in 2015. I'll keep it simple. This IMO was the best film of 2014 and not just cause it was a crappy year for movies. Low Down would be a contender for me any year. This is detailed and slow paced storytelling that doesn't care if the majority audience suffers from ADD. Watch it!

Reviewed by thatslife12 8 / 10

Low Down: Junk, Jazz, and Other Fairy Tales from Childhood

Low Down

The Sundance film "Low Down" showcases the life of Joe Albany (John Hawkes). Joe was a renowned jazz pianist who got his start during the bebop era and went on to perform until his death in the late 1980s. The focus of the storyline is on his music, drug addiction and his struggle to raise his daughter, Amy, (Elle Fanning).

Joe's life is told through the eyes of his daughter, Amy. She is a bright-eyed teenager who appreciates her father's musical gift, and is his biggest fan. The audience immediately recognizes the loyalty and the loving relationship between Joe and Amy. She longs to understand him, his lifestyle choices and his overwhelming drug habit. The film is engaging and pulls the audience into Amy's determined quest to rescue her heroin-addicted father.

"Low Down" is dark and dramatic, as any other great film about addiction and music. The film's attention to detail, the cast and their performances are excellent. The film has some of the best acting you'll see at Sundance this year or any other year.

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