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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by curtis-8 8 / 10

Should have been a sequel to Malone

Even though it came out a few months earlier, this great Burt Reynold's obscurity, "Heat," could have easily been a sequel to his other great 80s obscurity, "Malone." Once you changed a couple of small plot points to make the films consistent, you'd still have exactly the same character at the center of each. Burt acts the same, looks the same, dresses the same, and his character in Heat has a very similar background and the exact same skills as the one on "Malone." In fact, the two films even share some of the same lines of dialog (almost). In "Malone" the young girl tells Burt's character that he must like violence. Burt replies that "No, I'm just good at it--there's a difference." In "Heat" Peter McNichol asks Burt if he's a naturally violent person. To which Burt replies "No, I'm just good at it." I mean, really--could that be a total coincidence?

Another similarity--"Malone" was basically a old fashioned Western in the "Shane" mode. "Heat" is basically a Spaghetti Western in the revenge mode.

I love both of these flicks and wish they'd get decent DVD releases.

Reviewed by Sweens-2 7 / 10

Good Gambling Movie

I used to be a 21 dealer in Nevada and "Heat" is one of the best films about the gambling mentality. Very realistic. Karen Young's performance was great. Reynolds in one of his better roles and Peter MacNichol offers indications of things to come. I rate it a 7.

Reviewed by mm-39 4 / 10

The beginning of the end for Burt

When Burt's run finaly ended it was with this movie. The tough guy part did not sell well. This movie had no script, believability, or good characters. In the end, Burt did not evolve with the 80's. The 70's where his decade. It was time for Sly and Arnold. One can see the same events unfold with Arnold's last movie Colaterial Damage. It was time for somthing new. 4/10

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