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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by labound-15746 9 / 10

Great show but pls stop with the 24/7 poltical agenda

AWESOME show, great flow, great story. Loved it. I've seen some great stuff come out of Span. This is the best one

They used to call movie watching escapism. But these days it seems you can't watch anything much less read a review without it's author going political on you. Of course this being a NFLX production they had to show that in a time period in a country with 600 strikes that year the only one where violence occured was when the police after charging a womens rights protest with horses and sticks killed a one of the women protestors. Like I said 24/7 politics thse days for some, 24/7. LOL

Reviewed by eismoc 9 / 10

Worth Every Minute

This is a very good movie about how complicated the political and social situations were in Spain just after WWI. It is a lengthy movie (2hrs +) but every minute is worthy to be watched.

The story is quite balanced tho, it does not have excessive conversations or any other boring parts, so the length of the movie goes quite entertaining, some of it went into well-preformed action. Some scenes had some intensive situations and the crew succeeded in bringing it with precision and professionality.

All characters played their roles perfectly. Adding this to the excellent pictures and effects make one respects the efforts of the director Dani de la Torre.

I would like to watch it again some time, definitely! 9/10.

Reviewed by zhchb 9 / 10

much better than I expected

Considering the current political circumstances, the plot setting is quite interesting. It doesn't state the righteousness as strong as we often experience in American movies. Actually, at the end people still stayed lost and the story didn't suggest a clear way out. But it makes the characters more plausible. At least you might feel the wiser way of being part of politics, is not to get yourself easily fomented by simple words and better to check more perspectives:)

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