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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aromatic-2 10 / 10

An anthem for heavy girls the world over

I was a teen when this first came out and as a little piglette, this movie struck a special chord with me. I saw it twice in the theatres, then did not see it again until about 3 months ago, and then again last night. It holds up wonderfully, both as an anthem and as a bizarre comedy-drama. Lynn Redgrave is magnificent in the title role, and Charlotte Rampling is nothing short of brilliant as her roommate Meredith. Alan Bates is equally brilliant in an eccentric supporting role. This is a marvelous time capsule, but the central elements still hold true today. See it.

Reviewed by thursdays 9 / 10

Hey There, Georgy Girl! - What a Wonderful Story!

Lynn Redgrave and James Mason are perfectly cast as the pudgy, ugly duckling Georgy and the lonely, aging millionaire who adores the young woman without means. Redgrave's roommate is a cold-hearted and embittered woman, who banks on her good looks to get her what she wants out of life. Although the roommate becomes pregnant by her fiancee, the young man soon realizes that he fancys the homely but sweet Georgy over the constantly complaining woman about to give birth to his child. The baby is born and is instantly rejected by the mother. Georgy is determined to protect the innocent child and to bring her up by herself, if she had to. The ending is one of my favorite film conclusions ever. You will not be disappointed!

This film was ahead of its time in 1966 England (and the world). Despite the progressive themes, both the film and its infectious theme song became enormous successes. If you know the song, look for a much more elaborate rendition in the film, featuring many extra lines. The same was done with the legendary "Song From Moulin Rouge" (1952). -- "Georgy Girl" receives my highest recommendation!*****

Reviewed by knutsenfam 9 / 10

Undiscovered witty girl kisses toad; later finally finds prince

So fun! And a few other little gems in this mod 60's film!

Other reviews here will give you a plot overview. Basically Georgy is the fun, vivacious but unpopular girl who eventually gets some of her dreams, tho with a price.

I wouldn't have been allowed to see Georgy Girl when it came out. I was too young & the (by today's standards modest) 1960's bedroom scenes meant Mom would say "NO!" It's not a suitable family film.

But now---I'd love to watch it with my teenage daughter & comment on how Georgy --hardly noticed by her parents---chased by her parents' employer---and loved by a ne'er do well "Peter Pan" finally comes out rather well!

Georgy Girl is that odd little chick flick film where many of us women (girls) can identify with the fun, attractive, but slightly awkward lead, played marvelously by Lynn Redgrave. Some may root for Alan Bates' JOS character, but middle-aged me knows a "toad" --however handsome---when I see one.

And James Mason's "rich James Leamington" is a prince with some moral "warts" to work out... but I cheer for him, because he is (however he might disguise it) essentially a chivalrous man, a shy man who absolutely adores Georgina and, as she says to him "you said you would do anything for me" totally devoted to her...

Watch scenes where Mr. Leamington and Georgy's father discuss her. Watch Mason's facial expressions closely to see why he was Oscar nominated-- (the director was rather stingy with closeups in key moments).

Georgy's parents don't particularly like her---and see only the duckling and not the emerging swan.

Note that Georgy gradually assumes control of James, as she first shows fear when she sees Leamington, but later it's "Poor James". A foreshadowing of their future?

And I love it in the scene when Georgy (and James in top hat & fancy apparel) haul the baby carriage he was asked to buy for Georgy's adopted baby Sarah up the many stairs to her apartment.

She gets back at James by some cheeky comments in front of two proper elderly ladies. (Watch her interactions with both suitors... she can demonstrate wit and charm...)

Tho the Georgy Girl film theme song by the Seekers sneers at Georgy "...a little bit", I suspect this film was big because it struck a chord with so many girls & women. Sort of like the Janice Ian song "At Seventeen" in the 1970's.

Finally on DVD, but no "extras". But check Lynn Redgrave's site for more "Georgy" photos & info!

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