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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenmurphy-876-236498 7 / 10

definitely worth watching

Ferguson is definitely my favourite late night show host. Right from the start, his tenure as Craig Killborn's successor amazed me. His wit, intelligence and improvisational ability makes him one of the funniest man on television.

In this special, Ferguson delivers his familiar style of riffing on bits about parenthood, addiction, Sean Connery, etc... Familiar themes, nothing groundbreaking and a bit safe, but still he delivers the laughs.

My only problem with the whole thing was his first routine on parenthood, I heard it all before (Jim Gaffigan, Louis C.K., Bill Cosby). These jokes felt familiar and tired. Still, this show is definitely worth watching.

I give a B- for the jokes and a A+ for the contagious personality and charismatic delivery.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

More Good Laughs From Ferguson

If you have seen his late night show or his other stand-up, you should have a pretty good idea of what Craig Ferguson is all about and what sort of jokes he is going to tell.

If you do not know, here is a sample: we learn about the hypothetical fat Brad Pitt, and how Jennifer Aniston could still be married to him today if she knew how to make (or purchase) better desserts.

We learn about Hitler having a nice butt and also having a talk show or NPR program wherein he discusses watercolors and vegetarianism.

And we get an impression of Mick Jagger as Buffalo Bill. What more could you want from a comedy show?

Reviewed by tristanh-24900 7 / 10

To take with a grain of salt

Craig is funny as always. His trademark improvisation, dubious topics and charismatic delivery explains his success. His late-late show is when, in my opinion, is when he is at his best, especially in his attitude towards his guests: keeping it flowing. That's exactly what he does here: joke after joke, and most to take with a grain of salt. As he says himself: there are only 2 people you can mock without receiving angry replies: Nazis, and Canadians. Nazis, because they're Nazis, and Canadians, because they understand it's a joke. And that's the key with this special: suspend all judgement, just go with the flow, and I guarantee you'll come out with a few laughs. Wonderful comedy, not so far from the show, this is Craig in his element. 7 out of 10. Goodnight

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