Cold Ground


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ealesnj 9 / 10

Absolute Piece of garbage !!

This film is Bad .. Could have been better
The horror is top class. Kept me on the edge of the seat.
I was bored many times.
Oh I have bipolar syndrome.

Reviewed by LesGrossmanFyourownFACE 7 / 10

All around good movie

Yes this movie did have its flaws and did move slower than necessary, the story, filming, and acting kept me interested throughout. It was of above average quality all around which makes it odd that it had such bad reviews (with agreement on the review about animal cruelty having absolutely nothing to do with the movie and should probably be removed...). While the negative reviews are puzzling, the aggregate score of the movie is a good indicator. Not a waste of time, but not a must see either.

Reviewed by t-rexx-568-196825 7 / 10

Not a great movie, but not worse than most either!

I find most other evaluations on this site unfairly bad. Granted, "Cold Ground" is not breaking any new grounds. Nothing original in it. Actors are average, filming is just OK, picture quality is voluntarily made bad, the plot has its share of loose dead-ends and unchartered paths...

But overall, I found it quite pleasant to watch. Why? For the setting, first and foremost. Coldness seems to creep out of the movie and get directly in the viewer's body. Also, it's entirely shot in nature. No CGI, no studio, just genuine snow, mountains, caves... Then, the suspense and its lot of jump scares kind of worked for me, for once... Also, characters were fairly well crafted altogether, quite a feat in itself, considering that they speak so rarely.

So, all in all, it wasn't that bad. I must say I wasn't expecting anything from the movie to start with and I have noticed that, most of the time, with no forward expectations, good surprises are more likely to come around the corner... I guess it was the case for me here.

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