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Reviewed by magow-01 8 / 10

Review for Bad Match

Director:David Chirchirillo Release Date: Nov 3, 2017. MPAA Rating: Not rated. Running time: 83 MIN. In "Bad Match," Lili Simmons plays Riley in the same vein, as a spurned object of desire who will lie, manipulate, and shoot over the edge of acceptable behavior, but only to shove her humanity in Harris' face. She fakes a suicide attempt (a loathsome thing to do ? but Harris' indifferent response is even worse), and by the time she begins to mess with his Twitter account,we're in a brave new world of payback. Jack Cutmore-Scott, in a strong performance, makes Harris a supremely confident dude coming apart at the seams. When the police knock at his door, and we know in our bones what they're looking for, the film turns into a cautionary pulp pressure cooker: Live by the digital gaze, die by the digital gaze.Shades of "Fatal Attraction" ? but more than that, shades of every cheap thriller that ever introduced a psychological situation only to turn it into something action-y and boring. "Bad Match" often feels like it could become that kind of "ride," but it never does. It's something a shade or two more interesting: a scuzzy bro nightmare.

Production: An Orion Pictures, Gravitas Ventures release of a BoulderLight Pictures, MM2 Entertainment release. Producers: J.D. Lifshitz, Raphael Margules. Executive producer: Jo Henriquez. Director, screenplay: David Chirchirillo. Camera (color, widescreen): Ed Wu. Editor: Michael Block.

With: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Lili Simmons, Brandon Scott, Chase Williamson, Christine Donlon, Noureen DeWulf, Kahyun Kim.

Reviewed by ljsf64 8 / 10

Like "Fatal Attraction" with a whole new twisted ending!

No Oscar winner acting, but not bad. A few holes in the plot, but the buildup to the end made it all worthwhile. I was totally shocked by the ending. Good Fatal attraction type story with a twist in why people shouldn't play with peoples lives and emotions and the cost of unbridled revenge.

Reviewed by calicut110 7 / 10

Give it a shot

I was really pleasantly surprised by this film. If you like thrillers then you should give this a chance. There is a very nice surprise as well that you don't expect. Nice work to the film makers.

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