Against the Night


Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xposipx 3 / 10

Narrow miss

For a low budget modern horror movie, the production quality is great, the acting is good enough, and the premise works.

Where does it go wrong then?

First, it's not scary. There is no suspense and the movie takes itself seriously, so there should be some.

Second, the death sequences are dry and lame. The screen will go black and someone will randomly go missing. That's it. No payoff, no terror.

Third, they rely on the found footage aspect when it's not needed. The a/v is well done otherwise and this does not make it more effective. The majority of the movie ends up being a plain black screen about 25 minutes in.

This could have been successful, but falls completely flat.

Reviewed by descolado 2 / 10

And the assassin in the abandon prison is... (spoiler alert)

Movie production had a creepy prison to film in, but didn´t have the talent to transform the amazing set into a suspenseful film.

Annoying youngsters go to a prison to make reality tv. They are separated from their cell phones. One of the characters in a douche. People scream all the time and try to not convey relevant information to others, like there is a killer on the loose.

The big surprise is the identity of the killer (spoilers)

the killer is Chtulhu
No, I am serious, behind the mask is a fish man.

Reviewed by paralegalchas 1 / 10

Just god awful

From the beginning the acting was so forced and cheesy I could barely get through half of the movie. It was like a really bad graveyard encounters knock off except not scary at all.

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