1 Mile to You


Drama / Romance / Sport


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by treebranch 10 / 10

Authentic and beautiful

'1 Mile to you' tells the story of a young man who loses his friends in a bus accident and his journey to recovery after the event. Graham Rogers, Billy Crudup and the entire cast are outstanding and give wonderfully compelling and honest performances. So moving and brought me and the entire family to tears. The cinematography is outstanding (Gary Shaw who shot 'Moon' by Duncan Jones). Music by Paul Doucette (Member of the the band 'Matchbox 20') is amazing. Loved the music. This is not a film for the jaded or if your looking for something dark and ironic (Ie; the LATImes review calling it cluttered WHICH IT IS NOT).

'Run' to the theater!

Reviewed by tatiana-roza 10 / 10

delicate and profound

What a great movie! brought me to tears. Kevin's painful journey is one that anyone can relate to. Its about overcoming the death of your beloved ones and keep rowing the boat. or running with your heart...:-) Billy Crudup's performance is outstanding. Its a tender movie that will also make you laugh. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by vriddheeg 8 / 10


The background score is soothing and amazing.The music team has done a great job. The soundtrack of this movie is really cool, all the songs lovely to hear.1 mile to you's script has been written very well, you enjoy the movie throughout. the scenes are well shot, all the actors have done a great job. The concept is unique and interesting, the movie is executed really well.The climax, the ending, all of it is great. This movie has been adapted from a novel.

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